Elementor #1631

Sunday Stillness – yin yoga and yoga nidra/ sunday 11th june 2023/ 6-8pm/ coombes community centre, royston “Yoga nidra is the yoga of aware sleep.

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Winter Solstice Workshop

—-Winter Solstice Workshop – honouring the Light —- Saturday 17th December 2022 @ coombes community centre Winter Solstice workshop: honouring the Light Get ready for

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My mission is to guide students in achieving an optimum state of wellbeing: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I offer a mindful and nurturing yoga practice which brings together mind and body, using the breath as an anchor.


To provide a safe space where students feel comfortable to explore and connect with their innermost selves. To offer a yoga practice for all, so happiness and health can be achieved.