bhakti yoga: path of the heart workshop

bhakti yoga: path of the heart workshop/ saturday January 8th 2022/ coombes community centre, royston


Join me for this beautiful and heart centred Bhakti yoga workshop, where we will be joined by Aleisha Leo, a fellow yoga teacher based in London. Aleisha offers Kirtan, the ancient call-and-response form of chanting. to harness positivity and harmony for 2022. 

The powerful combination of sound of the harmonioum, Aleisha’s deep, mesmerising voice and the mantras allow an instant melting and softening of the heart. 

What is Bhakti yoga?
Bhakti yoga is one of the four main yogic paths. 

‘Bhakti’ means ‘devotion’ or ‘love’ and this path contains various practices to unite the bhakta (Bhakti Yoga practitioner) with the Divine. Bhakti Yoga is considered the easiest yogic path to master and the most direct method to experience the unity of mind, body, and spirit.

There are nine main practices of Bhakti Yoga that can be practiced independently or together; during this wonderful gathering we will be engaging in the second one ‘Kirtana’: chanting of mantras, practiced in a call-and-response group format.

This is a practice to connect with the heart energy, to move away from the intellect and connect with your emotions to transcend your limitations. 

Chanting is a simple yet powerful practice that helps to settle the mind and to elevate the mind as we are using mantras encased in energy

This powerful workshop is going to be like a mini-retreat day, with:

-yoga asana to open the heart space and gently energise  

– a short introductory chat on Bhakti yoga

– sound exploration: kirtan

– meditation

– chat with tea and healthy snacks

So might you add this workshop to your Christmas gift wish list? Or gift it to someone you love?

I hope you’ll join Aleisha and I on Jan 8th,  to start 2022 with a heart beaming with love, positivity, and your whole self – body, mind, spirit –  energised, more spacious and balanced.

Here are the details:

Bhakti yoga: path of the heart workshop

– limited spaces –

Saturday 8th January 2022/ 1 – 5pm

Coombes Community Centre

£40 investment until Dec 20th (£45 thereafter)

Concessions available – please get in touch to choose this option.