yoga nidra February 27th

Yoga nidra - cultivating joy
sunday february 27th 2022 - 8 - 9pm


Join me for the first yoga nidra practice of 2022!

As we’re slowly heading towards Spring, the focus of the practice will be on cultivating joy and wellbeing. 

We’ll start with some movement and breathing, then settle into the yoga nidra.

NEW TO YOGA NIDRA?  Yoga nidra (or yogic sleep) is a guided relaxation and meditation that we practice lying down.

It works deep into the ‘inner layers’ of our being. It is a tremendously powerful practice that :

-promotes deep rest

-is very easy to practice

-helps with insomnia

– helps to remove unconscious habits 

-helps reduce stress

Sunday Feb 27th

8 – 9PM

online via Zoom

£7 current students / £12 new students

Concession available A