Autumn Woodland Yoga Day Retreat
Sunday October 17th 2021 Ashlyn Woods

Aligning to Autumn with Yoga

Sunday, October 17th, 2021, 10am- 4 30pm

Ashlyn Woods, near Royston

Ready for a nourishing day in the woods, filled with gentle yoga, breathing practices and contemplation? Time to harmonise your energy with nature’s autumnal drawing in.

Join me in the woods for a perfectly relaxing day. This is a chance to step away from your habitual Sunday routine, to allow nature’s quietening shift to settle within your own being. We welcome Autumn’s contracting phase, as Summer’s expansive energy transitions, and we begin to move from expansion into a more inward time of the year.

I find connection with nature a very nourishing way to welcome the changing seasons and to connect within. So join me for this day retreat to allow our beings to align with this particular seasonal shift, to bathe in nature’s energy –  Ashlyn woods offers a magical space for this.  

At this time of year, we can look to nature’s wisdom to show us just what’s needed in Autumn, as the trees shed their waste in their falling leaves and pull their juicy essence downward and inwards to prepare for Winter.

So where better to gather to embrace Autumn’s growing stillness, and to welcome its invitation to draw inwards,  as a community, in a supportive environment, cradled by nature’s embrace.

Ashlyn’s woodland clearing offers both spaciousness and protected seclusion. It’s the perfect spot for a nourishing day of self-care and reconnection, with yoga asana and pranayama, friendly company and delicious food. You’ll find plenty of green space for wandering and watching nature, plus a woodland kitchen and comfy sofas around a fire in the rustic shelters to relax and chat. 

This is your day so you’re invited to make the most of it, whether you choose to wander through the woods or join in with the group practices.

These will include a more dynamic yoga practice in the outdoor space before lunch, and yin yoga  class in the afternoon.  


For the day, wear comfortable, weather suitable clothes.

There are compost loos and mains water in Ashlyn Woods.

Ashlyn Woods is 15 mins north of Royston – lifts could be arranged. 

Weather permitting 

Refunds will be offered in case of inclement weather.

A lunchtime soup and bread are included. I’d invite you to bring some food to share – all details and information, including directions to the woods – will be sent to you after booking.

£40 for one or bring a friend: £70 for two

Concessions available – please get in touch to choose this option.